About the FQAS'98 logo picture

What is in the picture?

The logo is small detail of a portrait photography of a female tourist taken a lazy afternoon at the Greek island of Karpathos, August 1997, by Henning Christiansen, at a taverna in the small coastal village of Lefkos. The detail shows the reflexion in her sunglasses of the person she's talking to. If you look carefully you can also identify a railing, the Aegean See and a piece of rock in the background.
The identity of the subject(s) is not known, but if anyone recognize her/himself, let me know.

What is the relation between the subject and flexible query answering?

Not the slightest.

Technical data

(Some people are interested in that)
Canon 50E autofocus, 800mm (Tamron 200-400 zoom + doubler), f11, Fuji SG+100. Natural blur (no Photoshopping effects applied).

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