Contents of FQAS'96 Proceedings

SummarySQL - A Flexible Fuzzy Query Language 1
Dan Rasmussen (Roskilde University), Denmark, Ronald R. Yager (Iona College, USA)

Management of Fuzzy Objects with Fuzzy Attribute Values in A Fuzzy Object Oriented Data Model 19
Salee Na (Hanyang Women's Junior College, Korea), Seog Park (Sogang University, Korea)

Fuzzy Ranking of Approximate Answers 41
Berthier A.N. Ribeiro (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), Richard Muntz (University of California, USA)

FREDDI: A Fuzzy Relational Deductive Database Interface 57
J.M. Medina, O. Pons, J.C. Cubero, M.A. Vila (University of Granada, Spain)

Fuzzy Querying using Concept Object Algebra 75
Jørgen Fischer Nilsson (Technical University of Denmark), Henrik Legind Larsen (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Using fuzzy sets in database systems: Why and how ? 89
Didier Dubois, Henri Prade (Université Paul Sabatier, - CNRS France)

User Guidance Function in Natural Language Interface for Document Query and Handling 105
Hiroshi Tsuji, Yukiko Morimoto, Yasuharu Namba, Hisao Mase, Hiroshi Kinukawa, Hirohide Endoh (Systems Development Laboratory, Japan)

A domain-restricted task-guided Natural Language Interface Generator 119
Marta Gatius, Horacio Rodriguez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)

Inferential Issues in a Spoken Language Dialogue System 137
Hans Dybkjær, Niels Ole Bernsen, Laila Dybkjær (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Multiple metareasoning agents for flexible query-answering systems 155
Jonas Barklund, Pierangelo Dell'Acqua (Uppsala University, Sweden), Stefania Costantini, Gaetano A. Lanzarone (University of Milan, Italy)

Semantic Query Optimization by Subsumption in OODB 167
Domenico Beneventano, Sonia Bergamaschi (Università di Modena, Italy), Claudio Sartori (Università di Bologna, Italy)

Knowledge Base Schemes for Flexible Query-Answering Expert Systems 189
Hiroshi Tsuji, Shunsuke Akifuji, Hirohide Endoh (Systems Development Laboratory, Japan)

Answering queries addressed to a group of deductive databases 203
Laurence Cholvy (CERT/ONERA, France)

Using Description Logics to Generate Answers in Incomplete Databases 219
Christine Bonnet (INSA de Lyon, France)

Information Filtering Using the Keyfact 239
Mi-Seon Jun, Se-Young Park (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea

Accessing multilingual, heterogeneous Data Sources in Wide Area Networks - Requirements and Approach 255
Ralf Kramer, Ralf Nikolai (Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany)

Answering queries about Validity and Completeness of data: from Modal Logic to Relational Algebra 265
Robert Demolombe (CERT/ONERA, France)

An experimental prototype for flexible query-answering mechanisms A metainterpretation approach 277
Henning Christiansen, Troels Andreasen (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Intelligent Agents in information systems 289
Ronald R. Yager (Iona College, USA)

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