Contents of FQAS'98 Proceedings

Andreasen, T., Christiansen, H., Legind Larsen, H. (eds.), Flexible Query Answering Systems, Third International Conference, FQAS'98, Roskilde, Denmark, May 1998, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1495. Springer-Verlag 1998.
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List of contents

CHRv: A Flexible Query Language
Slim Abdennadher, Heribert Schütz .... 1

Query Answering by Means of Diagram Transformation
Jordi Puigsegur, W. Marco Schorlemmer, Jaume Agusti .... 15

Query Subsumption
Mohammad Al-Qasem, S. Misbah Deen .... 29

Partial Answers for Unavailable Data Sources
Philippe Bonnet, Anthony Tomasic .... 43

On Diverse Answers Issued from Flexible Queries
Patrick Bosc .... 55

Answering Queries in Context
Stéphane Bressan, Cheng Y. Goh, .... 68

Effective Reformulation of Boolean Queries with Concept Lattices
Claudio Carpineto, Giovanni Romano .... 83

Different Ways to Have Something in Common
Marco Colombetti .... 95

A Schema-based Approach to Modeling and Querying WWW Data
Sara Comai, Ernesto Damiani, Roberto Posenato, Letizia Tanca .... 110

Querying Multimedia Documents By Spatiotemporal Structure
Vasilis Delis, Dimitris Papadias .... 126
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Answers about validity and completeness of data: formal definitions, usefulness and computation technique
Robert Demolombe .... 138

Progress Report on the Disjunctive Deductive Database System dlv
Cristinel Mateis, Gerald Pfeifer, Francesco Scarcello .... 148

A Server for Fuzzy SQL Queries
José Galindo, Juan M. Medina, Olga Pons, Juan C. Cubero .... 164

Query Answering in Nondeterministic, Nonmonotonic Logic Databases
Fosca Giannotti, Giuseppe Manco, Mirco Nanni, Dino Pedreschi .... 175

Optimization of Logic Queries with MIN and MAX Predicates
Sergio Greco, Carlo Zaniolo,Sumit Ganguly .... 188

Searching for General Documents
Kai Korpimies, Esko Ukkonen .... 203

Low retrieval remote querying dialogue with fuzzy conceptual, syntactical and linguistical unification
P. Krisko, P. Marcincák, P. Mihók, J. Sabol, P. Vojtás .... 215

Knowledge Discovery for Flexible Querying
Henrik L. Larsen, Troels Andreasen, Henning Christiansen .... 227

Question Answering with Textual CBR
Mario Lenz, André Hübner, Mirjam Kunze .... 236

Using Stem Rules to Refine Document Retrieval Queries
Ye Liu, Hanxiong Chen, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Nobuo Ohbo .... 248

Application of Fuzzy Rule Induction to Data Mining
Christophe Marsala .... 260

Applying Genetic Algorithms to the Feature Selection Problem in Information Retrieval
Maria J. Martin-Bautista, Maria-Amparo Vila .... 272

An Overview of Cooperative Answering in Databases
Jack Minker .... 282

Automatic Generation of Trigger Rules for Integrity Enforcement in Relational Databases with View Definition
Laura Mota-Herranz, Matilde Celma-Giménez .... 286

Estimating the Quality of Databases
Amihai Motro, Igor Rakov .... 298

Querying Clocked Databases
Mehmet A. Orgun, Chuchang Liu .... 308

Querying for Facts and Content in Hypermedia Documents
Thomas Rölleke, Norbert Fuhr .... 320

Querying Objects with Complex Static Structure
Iztok Savnik, Zahir Tari .... 329

An Alternating Well-Founded Semantics for Query Answering in Disjunctive Databases}
Dietmar Seipel .... 341

Towards a Cooperative Question-Answering Model
Galeno J. de Sena, Antonio L. Furtado .... 354

Semantic Query Optimization through Abduction and Constraint Handling
Gerhard Wetzel, Francesca Toni .... 366

Implementing fuzzy querying via the Internet/WWW: Java applets, ActiveX controls and cookies
Slawomir Zadrozny, Janusz Kacprzyk .... 382

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